Insights Discovery

We help you improve the effectiveness of your people and the performance of your organization.

Consultation & Analysis

Working with you, we dig deep within your organization to find out what you really need, what your company values are and what you want to achieve. Building on a strong partnership and this knowledge, we can work together to develop tailored solutions that work within all areas of your business.

At the heart of our own values is the importance of people. We strive to provide your team with a program of learning that’s unique and enjoyable, recognizes their needs and exceeds their expectations. We build positive, respectful relationships with you and your people to help them reach their potential.

Passion for Learning

Our goal is to ensure employee satisfaction and to make sure employees are happy, effective and fulfilled in their jobs. We aim to inspire, excite and engage your people with the passion we have for Learning and Development. The Insights Discovery Profile, along with our other coaching and training programs; work to drive your leaders and teams towards long lasting positive changes.

Getting Results

Our accessible programs are designed for long-term, measurable results and inspiring positive changes within your business. You will see long lasting impact and positive results, as well as the transformation in your people – improved performance, exceeded objectives and a new sense of vigor and purpose. [/one_half]

Why Does PZI Use the Insights Discovery Profile?

At PZI, we believe in the Insights four-color model because its color energy language is easy to understand; it sticks, and is therefore better retained and applied than other assessments. It creates meaningful experiences, which translates into long lasting learning and application.

We work with the Insights Discovery model to help you to understand and “know yourself”. Why is this important? When we don’t understand ourselves, we cannot connect and communicate with others as well as when we have full awareness of our preferences and why we do what we do. The Insights Discovery Profile gives people who aren’t naturally introspective and haven’t researched this work on their own, a tool to look inside themselves.

It gives them answers by teaching them to look within and understand themselves in a very simple way, using the color wheel as well the graphs from their individual profiles. Since the language is simple, it is easy to apply in every area of life: work, family, community; which makes it very diverse.

Once an individual gains self-awareness, they are better positioned to connect and communicate with others, since they have a true understanding of themselves, their values, and who they are.

Please note: This assessment is not therapy, nor does it describe work aptitudes or abilities. It is an in depth personality profile about your Communication preferences.

Consider Using This Profile If You and Your Organization:

  • Are searching for a unique tool that creates personally meaningful developmental experiences
  • Want to improve interpersonal relationships amongst people
  • Want to help individuals understand their personal impact in the organization and in their teams
  • Are looking to create highly effective communication throughout your organization that will:
      • Break through barriers
      • Build high performing teams
      • Move through tough conversations


What are the critical issues your business is facing today? How your organization tackles its most pressing business challenges is crucial to its long-term success:

  • Leadership Development
  • Leading Change
  • Employee Engagement 
  • Sales Growth

PZI works with your organization to help you meet the everyday challenges your business faces. In order to be an exceptional business with great leaders and dedicated employees, you need to work out your strengths – individually and as an organization. Using the Insight Discovery Profile and workshops we offer can help you strengthen internal and external relationships, improve teamwork and collaboration and be more innovative.

A Fully Engaged and Effective Workforce

At PZI we recognize and value the uniqueness and the differences that each person brings to the table, encouraging them to be themselves and reach their full potential. We can help you create an environment that builds trust, and generates commitment.

We believe in creating a strong partnership with you to help you uncover who your people are, how they like to work, and how we can create the conditions that will inspire them to higher levels of performance. Beginning with Insights Discovery, we’ll help put in place strategies that will build trust, open the lines of communication and help all of your people achieve high levels of performance.

Authentic Leaders – We can help you nurture transformational and authentic leaders who are well prepared to respond to the challenges of your business. Enable your leaders to lead with vision, passion and integrity; and inspire the people around them.

We help create transformational leaders and adaptable, responsive teams that produce results whatever the business climate.

Whether you and your team have undergone a significant change or are about to embark on one, PZI can help you get the results you want, having immediate impact.

Consistently High Productivity

With the right techniques you can boost motivation and overcome any constraints that are preventing you from getting the best out of your team.

Together we can help you get the most out of your people. We improve team-working across functions, geographies and time-zones, by helping your team members to value diversity and strengthen their relationships.

Utilizing the Insights Discovery Profile and our workshops, can help strengthen your most critical relationships in the workplace.

A Top-Class Sales Organization

Your business relies on the people who sell your products and services. Help them truly understand your customers and reach the top of their game.

We help your salespeople understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to adapt their behavior to build rapport and lasting relationships with customers. A good salesperson is aware of their own areas of strengths and weaknesses; a great salesperson recognizes differences in others and how to adapt their behavior to connect with them.

Customers have needs, expectations and motivations that are different to those of a salesperson; our programs and people can help your sales teams develop the skills they need to recognize and adapt to different behaviors. Salespeople can be trained to meet goals and achieve greatness. We can help you build a world-class Sales organization that truly understands customer needs, as well as re-energize your Sales teams to exceed their targets this year (and in the future!).

Motivating & Retaining Talent

Retaining talent can be an expensive problem for businesses. You can’t eliminate turnover, but you can reduce it. We’ll help you to embed a culture of loyalty, that creates a sense of belonging amongst your best and brightest people. Talented people will want to be a part of your success if they can expect development, appreciation and to be rewarded for their loyalty; by encouraging them to stick around you’re building a solid base on which to build the business of tomorrow.

We work with you to identify the core capabilities within each individual, ensuring your people know and apply their unique gifts and can take charge of their own developmental journey.

Responding Well to Change

It’s a startling fact that almost 30% of change projects fail, and we live in an age of an ever-changing workforce.

Companies now face almost constant change so it’s critical to learn how to manage that change effectively. We’ll help you understand your inherent capabilities, and where there are gaps in your organization that are affecting your ability to be agile in the face of change. We can show you how to build an agile organization where collaboration and innovation flourish. Working with you we identify those gaps and help you to take action as quickly so your business remains effective in an ever-changing world.

We encourage an understanding of different working styles, and support you to create flexible and cohesive teams that will rise to the business challenges of today and tomorrow.