Martin Michel – Director, International Human Resources

Martin Michel is the Director of International HR at PZI International Consulting, Inc.  He’s responsible for supervising the International HR team members and ensures IHR functions are properly set-up, maintained, and delivered throughout PZI’s global client base.

Martin has over 15 years’ experience in Global Relocation, Global Compensation, and Mobility Management.  His experience includes corporate International HR Program Management, Policy Benchmarking, and full Assignment Management.  He also has extensive experience in Global Supply Chain Management and is a member of the Employee Relocation counsel where he maintains his Global Mobility Specialist designation.

Martin grew up in New York City, but was born in Puerto Rico by Swiss Immigrant parents.  Aside from International HR and Mobility, Martin especially enjoys being with his family.  He also plays and composes for several keyboard instruments including the organ, harpsichord, piano, and synthesizer/computer.

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