High 5! Program

The High 5! program is a 5 level program designed to improve supervisory and employee-relationships, and to enhance employee engagement. The foundation of the program is based on improving personal, interpersonal, and team effectiveness; it introduces a simple, yet impactful framework about strengths and communication preferences. It emphasizes the importance of self-awareness – with the ability to be self-aware comes the ability to observe, pay attention to who we are ourselves, so we can better understand how we react in situations. An Insights Discovery profile is given out to each participant to help them understand themselves and grow throughout the program.

Level 1: Introduction to Color Energies and Career Development

A three-day high-level core interpersonal skills awareness course, which sets the stage for successful interactions.

Day 1: Colorful Workplace Communication Skills

Day 2: Colorful Career Conversations

Day 3: Colorful Career Goal Setting

Level 2: Executive Coaching

One-hour debriefing session which provides an option that allows key leaders to learn more about themselves, the Insights Discovery assessment and the High 5! program.

Level 3: Supervisor Training

A two-day class for supervisors only. The goal is to help them improve their day-to-day working relationships with employees utilizing the Insights Discovery color energies.

Level 4: Team Building

A one-day workshop offered to intact work teams with the goal of helping them improving the day-to-day working relationships and performance, utilizing the Insights Discovery color energies.

Level 5: Application Training (specific topics)

Two hour “Lunch & Learn” sessions which address specific workforce needs utilizing the Insights Discovery color energies (Topics include:  Stress Management, Conflict Resolution & Communication, Diversity & Inclusion, Innovation/Problem Solving, & Customer Relations/Influencing).