Google spent years analyzing more than 100 teams to find out that the drivers of effective team performance are the group’s average level of emotional intelligence and a high degree of communication between members.
It turns out that individuals’ personalities play a significant role in determining team performance as well as affecting the work environment. In particular, personality affects:
1. the role you have within a team
2. how you interact with the rest of the team
3. and whether your values (core beliefs) align with the team’s.
Regardless of the technical skills, psychological factors affect the compatibility between coworkers.
The article below discusses studies which indicate which personality characteristics had the most positive effect on team efficiency. Teams with a good balance and mix of individuals who are results-oriented, pragmatic, innovative, process-oriented, and good relationship builders were most successful.

“Who you are affects how you behave and how you interact with other people, so team members’ personalities operate like the different functions of a single organism.”