Debbie McGee, President of PZI International Consulting, Inc. Nominated for 2020 People’s Choice Entrepreneur of the Year

Debbie McGee, President of PZI International Consulting, Inc. Nominated for 2020 People’s Choice Entrepreneur of the Year

Huntsville, Alabama- February 14, 2020- Presented by The Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship, this year marks the 5th Annual Entrepreneur Awards, which will be held on Friday, February 28, 2020, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Stone Event Center located at Campus 805 in Huntsville. Award categories include the 2020 People’s Choice… Read More >

Easter Around the World – A History Lesson

Easter tradition in the US is made up of an egg hunt and/or kids expecting a delivery of decorated eggs and candy from the Easter bunny. Brought to this country by German immigrants in the 1700’s, the practice of egg-hunting is rooted in the belief that rabbits and eggs symbolize fertility and rebirth. When looking… Read More >

Relating Through Storytelling – for D&I

“When we tell our stories, we, and our history, become more vivid, and accessible, to all… And we give others a chance to recognize our shared human condition. As they get to know the stories of ordinary black people, their default emotion upon encountering blackness will bend away from fear.” (Theodore Johnson) In 1976 President… Read More >

Great Teams are About Personalities, Not Just Skills

People usually get hired based on their technical expertise and experience (or how they will fill their functional role). Too often, organizations focus merely on a person’s technical skills and hope that cohesiveness and good team performance will follow, without considering an individual’s psychological role (which is based on the kind of person they are).… Read More >

The Four Foundations of Exceptional Coaching

Nowadays it seems as if everyone is a “coach”. But what does coaching really mean? I loved this article which highlighted four key tools that professional executive coaches employ to foster exceptional performance in others. 1. Acknowledgment: Great leaders and coaches pay attention to others — to their gifts and talents — and spend time… Read More >


How do you incorporate growth into your life? Have you made a habit of investing in yourself to grow as a person? Why do so many of us like growth, and why do so many of us despise it? Growth = change. Growth can come in many forms, but it creates the most impact when… Read More >

Gender & Temperament Equality in Leadership

As a female navigating Leadership, and having coached many women in leadership positions; I find today’s article: particularly relevant. The importance of gender and temperament equality at the top benefits everyone: since such diversity is proven to enhance creativity and boost productivity. Without gender- and temperament-inclusive cultures, organizations suffer from innovation deficits. There is a discrepancy in… Read More >

Leading (Organizational) Change

What makes change so challenging? We have all endured the stress, excitement and anxiety of going through change. Whether it be small personal changes such as having to take a new route to work, or going to a new coffee place (minor examples); or more life altering changes like losing a job, moving, welcoming a… Read More >