Brian DeMange – People Development Services Manager

Brian is the People Development Services Manager at PZI International Consulting, Inc. He is responsible for facilitating workshops and Business Development for the People Development function.

He has an extensive background based on formal education and a distinguished 30-year U.S. Navy career as an Executive Administrator, Program Development Leader, and a Leadership Coach. He demonstrated superior leadership initiative, program development and enhancement expertise, operations engineering creativity, and award-winning performance success.  He has 16 years current experience as a Commissioned Naval Officer to include the past 11+ years as Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Branch Head and Strategic Director for Dynamic Operations in a variety of disciplines.  He was a subject matter expert in the full range of military program administration, career guidance counseling, and training/certification programs.   He has a stellar background of achieving outstanding results in team leadership, coaching, training and development.  During his 30 years in the military, he facilitated over 100 training lectures and workshops.


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